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Hollywood Tales Five short stories featuring Clive Harcourt, a Hollywood survivor. It’s now the 1940s, but Clive has been around movies since the early days. Once he came close to stardom on the silent screen, but now scratches a living as a film extra, and unofficial Studio “Doc”, which frequently means associating with the Los Angeles underworld. Included: Dahlia Suspect, Nostalgia, Coast to Coast, Deep Focus, Famous Last Words.

Publisher: Fortuna Direct Media (eBook)




Media studies: Short Stories Eight fictional tales, centred around the world of the UK media and entertainment business. Included: CEO, The Generals, Bright Kid, Roof Shack, Star Trailer, Slush Pile, Public Forum, Twins.

Publisher: This work is no longer available.




London-on-Sea: A Novella The city of Brighton & Hove on England’s south coast. A holdall of cash is mysteriously dumped at a drop-in centre for the unemployed. Local private detective and former soldier, Scott Randell is tasked with tracing the origins and ownership of the money. What begins as routine investigation rapidly escalates into tragedy and eventually changes Scott’s life forever.

Publisher: Fortuna Direct Media (eBook)




More Media Studies: Short Stories A Further volume of short stories set in the world of media and entertainment. Included: White Lightning, Nicoletta, A Very big House, End of The Pier Show, Fifth Member of the Band.

Publisher: This work is no longer available.




The Complete Media Studies The complete collection of stories from both MEDIA STUDIES & MORE MEDIA STUDIES.

Publisher: Fortuna Direct Media (Paperback) ISBN: 9781973507703




The Secret Realm: A Novella Mike Woodville has been recruited into the newly formed Department of Scientific Intelligence. He is tasked with persuading a British born aerospace engineer to return from America and assist in the UK’s defence effort. But the assignment leads Mike into the murky world of UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theories.

Publisher: Fortuna Direct Media (eBook)